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Pel-Meni Ltd. develops the world's first pelmeni vending machines that cook and sell hot pelmeni in 2 minutes, tasting no different from just cooked homemade pelmeni.

Dumplings - one of the most popular dishes in Russia. Many applications come to us not only from different Russian cities but also from other countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Israel etc.). Serial shipments are scheduled for mid 2022.

In order to build a list of buyers in advance, the pre-order for 2022 has been started. Details on the website:

About Pel-Meni

Dumplings are still one of the most popular dishes in our country. They have already learned to produce them automatically in order to sell them at an affordable price in shops. But so far they have not been able to automate the process of making pelmeni to ensure low prices for the finished dish and cook them as quickly as they cook, for example, hamburgers or French fries.

It is with this purpose was created this vending machine, so that our favorite dumplings, hot delicious and at an affordable price, you can buy around the clock and very quickly at almost every step.

Dumpling vending machines are great for installing them next to coffee vending machines or coffee corners to expand the offerings in locations with high foot traffic. Plus, you can find many new popular locations for them, from gas stations and train stations to government offices and business centers.

Video about pelmeni vending project

In 2019, a pre-production version of the machine was assembled and fully functional.
The demonstration to potential investors and franchisees began. Based on the feedback, it was decided to refine the design and improve the user characteristics in order to move to serial production. The main goal was quality and reliability. Now the start of serial production is scheduled for 3-4 quarters of 2022.

New franchises per 1 sq.m.

Semyon Frolov

CEO of Pel-Meni project (the world's first pelmeni vending machines)

Topic: New franchises for 1 sq.m.

Semen will talk about new types of business, which can operate on 1 sq.m. He will talk about the advantages of vending pelmeni, coffee corner, smart refrigerators, postal terminals, and postal terminals.

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