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BeeHosting – A reliable, effective and innovative website hosting services from an experienced IT company

BeeHosting ensures:

Reliability and safety: Your data is stored under strict confidentiality and our reliable hardware ensures their integrity and safety.

Speed and efficiency: Our servers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and our support team works quickly and efficiently. With us you will save time and, no less important, spare your nerves.

Reasonable price and benefit: BeeHosting services are cheaper than those of many other service providers, but the degree of quality is just as high. Regular discounts and special offers make working with us pleasant and beneficial.






We have fast and safe servers, the best-performing content management systems, experienced customer support and smooth organisation of work.

We offer packages of various sizes for hosting solutions, a domain registration service, private servers, shared hosting cloud server services and security solutions.

Our web-hosting services include content management software you can install in just a few clicks, 99.9% server accessibility, a service offering money back in 30 days, free SiteBuilder, SSL certificate support, domain or website relocation and 24-hour client support.

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Datacentre and Equipment

The BeeHosting datacentre is hosted at the LinxTelecom datacentre in Tallinn.

It is a datacentre which hosts all of our local service providers, a large proportion of Scandinavian telecom companies and many international ISPs.

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Security and Reliability

Anyone can browse online, but as we all know, not everyone has honest intentions. Huge amounts of money move online and more or less resourceful people are willing to damage others’ interests to get their share. If the safety and reliability of hosting services are compromised on, the result can be disruptions to work and resulting financial losses, loss of customers or even identity theft. This can all have some serious consequences for both the owner of the site and visitors to it.

Be it a personal blog or a website of a major global company, the security of your site is always one of our top priorities.

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What is web hosting, how does it work, which package should I choose and what does free domain registration mean?

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