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We want you to enjoy your shopping as much as possible, which is why we offer various ways of making shopping as convenient as possible. This also gives you greater discounts on everyday purchases.

You can now join Lyoness for free and become a member of the international shopping community.


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Customer loyalty programme


Cash back on every purchase!

The Lyoness world-wide shopping community provides benefits for both shoppers and our partner companies. All members gain Cashback and Shopping Points on every purchase from your store. Then they can use the Shopping Points on your company's Shopping Point Deal offers.

As a partner company you benefit from extensive advertising and also find new customers.


Solution Pack

Would you like more new and loyal customers, or do you know someone who does?

This video gives you an overview of an excellent marketing solution that helps small companies find and retain loyal customers. The video also explains the benefits of creating a company's own loyal customer network.

Shopping Point Deal Offers

How can a small company survive, find new loyal customers and organise marketing as efficiently as possible? Lyoness has created a compact, practical and well-functioning system that makes attracting customers and developing your business simple. Check out the video for more. NB! The video is in Estonian

Shopping in General

Do you want even more discounts, exciting offers and attractive benefits, and to do more good for the world while shopping? Then we have good news for you, because from now on you earn both Cashback and Shopping Points when buying from our partner companies and you will also support the Lyoness charity funds. Check out the video to find out how it works. NB! The video is in Estonian.

SME in General

Do you own a small company but want to offer serious competition to big corporations? Lyoness knows that loyal customers are the cornerstone of your success and has created a practical and effective customer loyalty system that works as a marketing and communication channel. Find and retain customers! NB! The video is in Estonian.

Registering a Member Online with a Flyer

So you have decided to benefit from the Lyoness marketing network? The video above gives you an overview of how a new member can be registered online with a Lyoness flyer. Trust us – you will need that lesson!


Which customers generate the most revenue for your company? Which of your customers has not visited you for a long time? You know that customers are your business. Lyoness CRM helps you keep an eye on them and makes doing so simple, comprehensive and continuous.


Keep all of your customers updated on the latest news. The video above explains how you can use the newsletter function.

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Real Estate

If you are looking for a new home or want to sell existing one, here you can find the best information regarding new developments and real estate.

Stylish Home

In this hall you can find an overview of new materials, ideas for home decoration and design, textiles, lighting and furniture manufacturing companies as well as tips on cleaning, re-use and making your home more comfortable.

If you are thinking of updating your interior design, here is the place to get inspired.

Smart Home

If you want to manage your home in an economical way, get an overview of sustainable energy and heating solutions, smart interaction and security technologies and financing options, you are welcome to visit this hall.

Smart home consists of complete and well-planned solutions rather than a stack of different gadgets. Control system of smart home is programmed with different functions to make life easier and more...

Home and Building

Here you can find different projects for building houses, apartments or summer cottages, renovation, help with estate management and maintenance.



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