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For the first time in Estonia will be held online festival Health Message 2021, which organizes iExpo OÜ.

The festival is for anyone interested in health-related topics and who wants to learn more about the various opportunities offered by health care. At the festival, you can get to know organizations, participate in workshops and events, and offer products and services that support healthy lifestyles.

The online festival will last 3 days 02.11.2021-04.11.2021 and will have 3 halls that correspond to various topics:

Day 1 | Healthy lifestyle |02.11.2021|

Day 2 | Sexual health        |03.11.2021|

Day 3 | Mental health      |04.11.2021|

An online festival will be held in the halls themselves, and exhibitors' stands in the exhibition format will be located below it. Thus, we create a hybrid of an online festival and an exhibition.

If you see yourself in one of these halls, let us know as soon as possible, and we will open your stand before the start of the festival.


Period of the online festival Health Message 2021: 02.11.2021 -  04.11.2021

Important activities Deadlines
Discount for participation and additional services untill 25.10.2021
NB! timely payment allows the media program to be confirmed earlier. Prepare photos and videos, texts for advertising and determine the volume of work
untill 25.10.2021
Сonfirmation of participation.
NB! each billboard takes a lot of time to design
untill 25.10.2021
Deadline for applying for benefits for participation in the fair.
NB! small and medium-sized enterprises in Tallinn
untill 12.10.2021

Examples of stands

Examples of stands from past online-exhibitions:

Stand example 1. Nordecon Betoon OÜ 

Stand example 2. Spordiklubi Reval Sport

Stand example 3. Bonava

Stand example 4. SEB

Stand example 5. Nordoptika

Stand example 6. Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet (RIA)

Stand example 7. MTÜ Lastekaitse Liit

Stand example 8. Hansapartner

The above listed exhibitions were mainly held in Estonian, so there is almost no information on the stands in English. Change the language on our platform to Estonian before clicking on the links.

9 convincing reasons for participating

Why should you participate in an exhibition?
Many entrepreneurs have no experience of participating in exhibitions, especially in online exhibitions. Our goal is to show exhibitors the advantages of participating in an online exhibition, tell what needs to be done to successfully participate in online exhibitions, how to make participation in them as profitable as possible.

If you cannot make a decision to participate or not in an online exhibition, we have prepared 9 convincing arguments for you to say YES in favor of participation and dispel your doubts.

1. The ability to communicate with a dozen visitors at the same time, which leads to an increase in the total number of contacts!
At a contact exhibition, as a rule, 2-3 company representatives work at the stand, who can simultaneously devote time to 2-3 visitors. At an online exhibition, one company representative has the opportunity to easily communicate with ten or even more people at the same time.

2. In addition to the exhibition stand, the exhibitor will also receive an online sales channel!
All offers are available for visitors to study and even purchase on their own, without a company representative! An additional sales channel is also added.

3. Preparing materials for online exhibitions is simple, fast and cheaper than offline!
This makes it possible for companies to participate that find it too expensive to prepare for the exhibition.

4. Online Trade Show Simplifies Marketing!
There is no need to make any changes on the exhibitors' home page regarding participation in the exhibition. They will now have their own space in the online environment where they can display all information about their contact exhibition booth, as well as any special offers for online visitors only!

5. Testing new markets made easy, fast and cost-effective!
An online show is a good tool for cost-effectively screening the market and finding out if consumers are reacting to their products and how. It also makes it possible to organize an exhibition in one country and sales all over the world!

6. The exhibitor has the opportunity to test different options and offers!
Exhibitors can get accurate weekly statistics on which special offer potential buyers are most interested in and which is not, and adjust or even change the special offer that is not popular with visitors.

7. With the help of the web fair, you can be visible in several countries at the same time!
The exhibitor's company can be located in Estonia, while having an exhibition stand in China and at the same time being presented at an online exhibition in Germany. The online exhibition offers great opportunities for this!

8. No more language barriers - more business!
It's no secret that even the most skillful salespeople sometimes stumble when trying to explain the benefits of certain goods or services in a foreign language. The same applies to clients. A more modest buyer won't ask his questions if he feels too uncomfortable. At the virtual exhibition, the language barrier is clearly lower or absent altogether, since there is more time in the chat to write, think and formulate sentences. The online environment helps build trust between the two parties, making it easier for them to communicate in real life.

9. The exhibitor is reachable for a longer period of time!
If at a contact exhibition an exhibitor has the opportunity to communicate with buyers only on the spot by handing them business cards or collecting e-mail addresses, then an online exhibition gives a completely different dimension to further communication with a potential buyer or partner.

It is possible to establish relations with them already in the pre-exhibition period, on the days of exhibitions, as well as when the contact fair has already passed. Web chats are saved and customers can be asked additional questions that can be used to achieve sales and close deals. Also, after the end of the contact exhibition, information about the exhibitor remains on the virtual exhibition and people can also get there 2-3 months after the exhibition by doing a Google search. Thus, out of the usual 2-5 days of contact exhibition availability, the online exhibition extended this period by 60-90 days.

10. Online exhibition is beneficial for both large and small companies!
The exhibition environment “smoothes” the size of organizations and production costs, creates an equivalent opportunity to represent the firm and draw attention to its products / services.

Exhibition environment OnlineExpo presents you with traditional elements of offline exhibitions, as well as adds nuances characteristic only for the online environment, which are primarily created for communication between exhibitors, customers and potential partners. Participation in online exhibitions makes it possible to achieve marketing goals, raise the level of sales and product branding.


Standard Premium Exclusive
Paketi maksumus (sisaldab stendi virtuaalmessil, KM-ta) 650 € 800 € 1000 €
Soodustushind kuni 25.10.2021 (soodustus kehtib ka lisateenustele) 487 € -25% 600 € -25% 750 € -25%

Tallinna ettevõtetele messil osalemise toetus kuni 50%:
Täpsema info leiate SIIN...
Toetuse taotluse saate esitada SIIN...
Tervise Sõnum 2021 messikorraldaja on iExpo OÜ

Veebivorm stendi kokkupanekuks, kus antakse põhjalikud juhised, milline info ja materjalid tuleb esitada. Stendid on mitmekeelsed (eesti / vene / inglise)
Meie tehniline tugi loob ise stendi eksponendi sisendi põhjal
Meie tehniline tugi teeb palutud muudatused juba valmis stendi (2 muudatust)
25 €
Stendi ja kogu messi külastusstatistika
Videoülekande võimalus stendil
Noolega eksponendi bänneri kohale liikudes kuvatakse ettevõtte lühikirjeldus
Ettevõtte poolt valitud pildiga reklaambänner kõigi lehtede parempoolsel reklaampinnal
100 €
Ettevõtte nime, logo ja pildiga reklaambänner platvormi esilehel kohe pärast teavet messi kohta
Ettevõtte nime, logo ja pildiga reklaambänner saalis "Pakkumised messil"
50 €
Lühiteave ettevõtte kohta messi e-posti uudiskirjas ENNE näitust
Piiratud arv kohti!
100 €
Lühiteave ettevõtte kohta messi e-posti uudiskirjas PÄRAST näitust
Piiratud arv kohti!
50 € 50 €
Eraldi sotsiaalmeediapostitus meie Facebooki lehtedel (75 000 jälgijat)
50 €/ postitus 50 €/ postitus
Tekstiplokid, fotogalerii plokk, videoplokk, ettevõtte kontaktandmete plokk, failide plokk, online-konsultantide plokk
Video-/online-kohtumiste kokkuleppimise plokk (lihtsustatud versioon)
Video-/online-kohtumise kokkuleppimise plokk
(toimetatud versioon: külastaja peab valima stendi juures konsultandi poolt märgitud vaba aja ja süsteem broneerib selle aja)
50 €
Visiitkaartide vahetuse plokk
(plokki saate lisada need kontaktandmed, mida te ei soovi jagada avalikult, kuid olete nõus jagama potentsiaalsetele klientidele)
Messil osalejate nimekirjas on kõik eksponendid välja toodud kujundatud bänneritena, millel on ettevõtte nimi ja logo ning mille suurus vastab valitud paketile. Exclusive paketi valijate bännerid on suuremad, mistõttu mahub neid ühte ritta 2 tükki, Standard paketi eksponendi bännereid aga 4 tükki 
4 reas 3 reas 2 reas
Stend on aktiivne 31 päeva:
  • 14 päeva enne messi (algab aktiivsem reklaamkampaania)
  • 3 päeva messi ajal
  • 14 päeva pärast messi (tulemused võetakse kokku, ilmuvad järelkajastused meedias, toimub suhtlus eksponentide ja külastajate vahel).

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