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Our main activity allows us to contribute to the protection of the natural and man-made or created environment from physical, chemical, biological and other negative effects or consequences. Environmental protection requirements are constantly becoming stricter, therefore the activities and facilities developed in the field of wastewater treatment must already be a step ahead of the current environmental requirements, because wastewater treatment facilities are purchased not for a year or two, so their performance and quality must be particularly high.
High-quality, ecological wastewater treatment using biological wastewater treatment devices solves problems because: it complies with individual wastewater treatment according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, does not pollute nature, groundwater. Ecology, nature conservation, green unbroken circle rotates by using purified water a second time. The household saves money because it is no longer necessary to constantly "pump and remove the sewage" from the sewage tank.
The main product produced and sold is BioTornado BNVĮ devices of various performance . The main services are sales, installation, and maintenance of BNVŽ.

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