Miina Karafin

Miina Karafin is the manager of the R&D department at Nordecon AS. Karafin earned her Master,s degree in 2012 in Industrial and Civil constructions. She has worked as a budget specialist, as a project manager at BIM and since 2019 she has been a board member of Karafin DigitalConstruction.

At the conference she will talk about how Nordecon has used 3D modeling and digital construction solutions, to make the construction more efficient. Since for contractors it is very important to be competitive and therefore they must be innovative and move with the times, because Nordecon has decided to embrace both they have become the market leader in digital construction.




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Conference Day 14th Oct

BuildIT 2020 is happening for the 7th time and is a yearly international event which involves conference and competition days.

The topic for conference day is “Future of the city'' focusing on topics like transportation, construction and sustainability of the environment.

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Competition Day 15th Oct

Competitions will be held for people to test their knowledge and participate in various workshops and competitions.

The competitions are open for everyone! Each competition requires different skills and a whole new mindset. There are no age restrictions.

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