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In the media coverage section, we have gained useful reading both for the visitor and exposition of the virtual exhibition.

Modern Business Card Design Ideas

With over 6.1 million employment firms in America, you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. And that starts with having an original and clear business card design. After all, this bite-size piece of cardstock is one of the best ways to make a lasting impression on a potential customer.

Read on to learn about modern business card ideas!

Blunders Exhibitors Make

Often the business expos make some blunders, as a result of which, instead of creating a good effect on the visitors, a wrong impression is created.

Increase your future sales from Expos by avoiding and correcting the following ten Tradeshow blunders:

1. Not Having An Eye-Catching Headline At The Expo

If your booth does not have an attention grabbing a headline, then make it catchy and attractive. Your prospects...

Job Fairs on COVID-19 period

Article referred from:

Job and career fairs in times of COVID-19 crisis

With the coronavirus crisis spreading, Estonian job fairs have been cancelled for the first half of 2020. While employers and officials at the PES, who had been preparing regional job fairs for months, were disappointed, it became clear that an alternative solution was needed quickly. Despite the crisis driving many employers...

Virtual tours of the natural wonders

Due to restrictions caused by the pandemic, possibility to visit wild nature objects was banned. According to a study carried out by Estonian and Swedish scientists, the satisfaction from a virtual tour of sites with nature is influenced by people and depends from their age as well as their educational level. 

Virtual tours help to reduce the environmental damage caused by tourists. For example, the Piusa Caves in...


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