New trends in vending

In previous articles we wrote that vending as a business phenomenon contains an infinite number of potential and still unrealized ideas, especially when it comes to the Russian vending machine market. In this publication we will look at the latest development trends in vending

Vending machines are not what we imagine them to be. The technologies are moving on by leaps and bounds and all business spheres are developing according to the latest business trends and scientific discoveries

Today, we are going to look at the fundamental trends that are most common in the vending world at the moment.

  1. Acquiring. Non-cash payment systems continue to evolve. Now, not only are payment terminals themselves being improved for payment acceptance, but also ways of connecting to them, integration with personal mobile devices, as well as improvements in personal identification methods, including biometric parameters.

  1. Artificial intelligence. The introduction of various artificial intelligence systems into vending machines is spreading everywhere, which helps to improve customer service and make the vending machine as convenient, informative and multifunctional as possible for the user.

  1. Creativity. Constant modernization of vending, search for new effective approaches to a client and ways of vending. Due to the world-wide internet access the demand and fashion for some product or article are changing constantly and vending machines also have to develop and adjust to the constantly changing requests of potential buyers at high speed. And this means the increased dynamics of appearance of new approaches to the traditional customer, the search for new unconventional ways to attract additional customers.

  1. Eco-friendliness. The global trend towards resource saving is driving an increasing number of energy-saving vending machines and machines made from fully recyclable raw materials. It is also worth mentioning the increased eco-friendliness of the range of products sold. Vending is keeping up with the general trend for a cleaner world and a healthier lifestyle

  1. Total internetization. Vending is also partly going online, however paradoxical and new that may sound. Vending machines are now connected to mobile applications, offering to participate in all sorts of contests, accumulate bonuses or just get more information about the purchased product and its features. With the help of applications, it is possible to use the vending machine repeatedly and even remotely, or just to play some thematic fascinating game related to the vending machine or the products it offers. It is also possible to pre-order online, pay online and get the finished product through the vending machine

All of the above trends can be complemented endlessly, because if you consider all the diversity of the world and the special color of each individual country, the list of development trends will tend to infinity. Such diversity of options shows that vending is a promising direction, which will develop rapidly and positively in the near future.

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