Eco-friendly vending

The desire for sustainability is already sewn into the matrix of consciousness in our modern world. Thinking about the eco-friendliness of a product is becoming part of our everyday life. It is a trend, it is a good tone and a proper understanding of the world. We can even say that sustainability is being transformed from a fashionable trend into a sine qua non condition for the continued existence of both mankind and the globe itself. Almost all businesses are trying, or want, to comply with the idea of sustainable development that is right for the environment. Businesses continue to introduce new generation equipment that saves energy and produces products in a cleaner and safer way than before.

Within the general direction of vending business, the so-called ecological vending has recently taken shape. What does it consist of? Let's have a closer look

At present time fandomats by reception of plastic packaging are widespread. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of these machines: these collection points help to clean the streets and garbage cans from overflowing and contamination by plastic garbage. All collected plastic is recycled. A person who sells plastic packaging to a special machine gets bonuses, coupons, checks or discounts for buying goods. All these coupons and other things a person can sell at the point of sale, where the vending machine is installed. It turns out that in this case, everyone wins. Such machines have long been in high demand in Europe, the USA and Japan.

The question of recycling and reuse of plastic is on the agenda for many years, that is why many countries have long and actively use this type of fandomats everywhere, thus protecting the environment.

Also nowadays vending machines which can take household waste and partially recycle it, e.g. compress the garbage for further transportation and recycling, become widespread.

Even the most common coffee vending machines are changing their concept of offering hot drinks. Plastic cups and stirrers are being replaced by paper and wooden ones. Practically all components, somehow connected with preparation of coffee by a vending machine, try to make and offer from ecologically pure raw materials and materials, made in the least polluting way. Slogans like "For cleanliness and future", "Save our planet from pollution" are now excellent additional advertising for the producing companies and, of course, for the owners of the vending machines. And at the same time such slogans are an excellent explanation for sometimes rather high prices for products.

Vending machines offering ready-made meals and snacks have also become more concerned about human health and the well-being of the world around them. Snacking can now be more healthy and "homemade". Thanks to the constantly developing technology of fresh food storage and the emergence of new packaging methods, the range of food options offered by vending machines has now significantly expanded: salads, home-made meals that can even be prepared on the spot in the vending machine by selecting the necessary ingredients, fresh fruits and vegetables, sliced and whole, fresh juices in vending machine or juices in ecological and safe for health packaging, chilled soups with a fast heating function if necessary and so on.

The eco-movement has also changed the vending machines themselves. Many producers now take the example of the famous international company producing carbonated drink Cola and make their vending machines energy-efficient. Many vending machine makers are following the example of one well known world soda pop producer, Coke, and are making their vending machines energy saving. The materials for vending machines themselves are being made more and more environmentally friendly.

Greening has touched everything, leaving its inevitable mark on all areas of life and business. Of course vending is not an exception. All positive innovations and developments of new technologies, that protect the environment, significantly improve our life and will continue to do so in the future. And like many other systems and devices, vending machines will keep up with the times and please their users with up-to-date eco-friendly offerings.

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