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The University of Tartu museum offers engaging historical tours for conference delegates

Since May 1, 2016 The University of Tartu Museum offers a unique opportunity to spend an educative and fun evening in the monumental cathedral in the Cathedral Hill. Each soiree is comprised of educational/participative, active and fun components that amount to a lively and dynamic evening. The duration and arrangement of the components can be customized as per your wishes. For example, you may take part on the soiree of Georg Friedrich Parrot – the first rector of the University, visit Cathedral – the most magnificent example of Baltic brick gothic, take part of 19th century Students' Night in the cathedral: Kram-bim-bam-bambuli or soiree of the Nobel Prize winner Wilhelm Ostwald.

Additional information: www.muuseum.ut.ee/en/content/engaging-historical-tours

Arrange the coolest conference or seminar in escaperooms of EscapeTartu

We offer companies and organizations the opportunity to combine useful with the fun! Our conference room can hold meetings for up to 30 people. In Diplomatic style events, our conference room can accommodate up to 16 people and in theater style and up to 30 people. We are ready to accommodate up to 50 people once. Our facilities are located in Tiigi Street, which is within walking distance of the center of Tartu.

We offer:

  • flexible room layout;
  • all the necessary technical equipment;
  • organizing service;
  • organization of escapegames;
  • Wonderful experience!

Customers are allowed to bring their own food and drinks. We also offer full catering service- whether is it tea and a coffee table or a multi-course meal.

More information: www.escapetartu.ee

Marketing Materials

A brand new spa hotel and conference centre is being built

A brand new wellness spa hotel that is being built in the centre of Tartu, will open its doors to visitors in autumn 2016. The hotel includes an accommodation building, one of the biggest spa complexes in the Baltics, a restaurant, a coffee shop and conference halls. In addition to the hotel complex, the building houses many catering and trade areas.

The hotel will include 79 hotel rooms with 286 beds, all of which is located on levels three and four of the building. The hotel rooms are equipped to four-star standards. The hotel restaurant has been planned so that it accommodates 140 seats. The furniture selection for the interior design allows tables to be flexibly arranged for groups of different sizes. Despite the fine-quality food tasting experience on offer, the restaurant will generally cater more for those who prefer more of a freestyle approach to dining.

The conference centre includes five halls of different sizes with a total capacity of up to 700 guests. The halls may be connected together, and are equipped with high-quality sound equipment, slide projectors, and screens. Coffee breaks may be offered at the entrance hall to the conference centre but, when needed, the hotel restaurant or the coffee shop that is situated on the same level may be used for breaks. In addition to conferences the premises are suitable for organising fairs, receptions, concerts, and other high-capacity events.

One of the biggest wellness spas in the Baltics will be opened on the building’s fourth level, with a capacity of 300 guests at any one time, or 1,200 guests during each day. There will be different areas, for exmple Sauna World, Salt World, Relaxation World and the Wellness Department.

More information:www.vspa.ee

Have you already booked a venue for your winter conference in 2017?

A new training and conference centre of the Estonian National Museum opens its doors on 1 October. We have the most fashionable 250-seat conference room in the city. It is equipped with presentation, movie, and translation technology, as well as ancillary rooms. We also offer opportunities for teamwork and workshops within the framework of the conference for up to ten groups (25–40 seats per room). Catering is provided by the museum’s restaurant and café. In addition to conferences, we offer tours of the 6,000 m2 exhibition area of the museum.

Ask for a combined offer at Viljar Pohhomov, viljar.pohhomov@erm.ee, Ph: +372 52 95 744

Hurry because the days available are disappearing like the vernal snow!

Athena - an entertainment and convention center in the heart of Tartu

Athena is one the most luxurious and stylish buildings in Tartu is excellent for concerts, plays, conferences, seminars, weddings, jubilees, corporate events and other similar events. The luxurious cinema hall with an intimate attic hall, cozy corner room and light filled lobbies provide flexibility and comfort for having memorable events.

The main draw for the building at Küütri Street 1 is the historic cinema hall from the 1920s. The walls and the balcony of the classicist cinema hall are covered with ancient Greek style reliefs. Recently renovated hall provides seating for up to 280 people and can accommodate up to 500 concert visitors. Flexibility enables to use the hall in theater, seminar, diplomat and gala style or by combining the styles. The light filled lobbies next to the cinema hall and the balcony provide comfortable room for catering, networking and mingling.

Additionally to the cinema hall Athena provides flexibility with a black-box style attic hall and a corner room for smaller meetings. Like the cinema hall the attic hall can be used in different setups and can accommodate up to 100 people for seminars, trainings, meetings and plays. The corner room with a view to the main building of Tartu University can be used for meetings and seminars for up to 30 people.

Athena can accommodate up to 1000 visitors with its cinema hall, attic hall, corner room and lobbies. This makes the center suitable from small meetings up mini-festivals. Memorable events are guaranteed in historic Athena.

More information: www.athenakeskus.ee


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