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Premium yacht rental in Estonia

ND Yacht Rent strives to be more than just a yacht charter brand – we are the first sailing experience for many, a reliable business partner, a role model for other yacht charter companies in the world and a company that seeks to be creative and unique in all aspects.

We work to enrich people’s daily lives by arranging sailing charter holidays in Estonia and other interesting destinations around our beautiful globe. Our passion for sailing drives us to continuously improve our operations and enhance the experience for our customers.


To book your sailing yacht trip at a discounted price, mark your order with the word "OnlineExpo" or by phone 58 97 45 82







Sailing in Talinn Bay


Watch the great “Suur Tõll” from the sea side

The legendary Estonian “Suur Tõll” is a steam-powered icebreaker that originally was build in Germany year 1914 for the Russian Empire. Firstly the vessel was named “Tsaar Mikhail Feodorovich”, but its name has been changed four times until present days.

Patarei Prison - view from the sea

The Patarei Prison was build in 1840 for the Russian Empire to secure the trading sea routes of St. Petersburg, but has during the years used for several functions. From 1867 to 1919 the prison functioned as a military barracks, and during Soviet was used a prison. or by phone ☏ 58 97 45 82


For Business




Make a stressful and tense business meeting into a fun and pleasurable experience for you and your partners. Here, far away from the big city you can fully take advantage of the intimate atmosphere and maintain the confidentiality of the important business deals you make. Celebrate the successful deals with snacks that our professional catering personal prepare for you and chit chat to the sound of waves, wind and seagulls

Ultimate for networking and socializing

Full focus on your client

Total confidentiality and intimacy or by phone ☏ 58 97 45 82


Sailing yacht trip to Naissaar island, Tallinn



Naissaar island - a combination of unique nature and military history

Naissaar is one of the biggest islands in North Estonia, located about 12 km from Tallinn. The Naissaar island has great history and is a great cultural inheritage from the former Soviet Union and Russian Empire. It has beautiful sandy beaches, a variety of hiking trails and the remnants of a naval fortress.

Here you can get a guided tour and explore military trucks, a navy base, prisons, a wooden church and a lighthouse! On the southern side of the island you’ll also find an abandoned naval mine factory with genuine mines that once were used to mine the Baltic Sea. Such sailing trip takes a whole day and suits for big company teambuilding, corporate events, conferences and big group excursions. or by phone ☏ 58 97 45 82


Sailing yacht trip to Prangli island, Tallinn

Explore the beautiful Prangli Island with a sailing boat

The Prangli island emerged from the sea 3 500 years ago and offers a unique natural landscape with pine forests, stony beaches and sandy landscapes that suits well for hikers. The first inhabitants of the island where Swedes, while Estonians started to populate the island only in 17th century. In summer time it is possible to witness tohu - a fog formed as a result of steaming warm sea. While during winter you can see summajus – a phenomenon where the sky is darker above iceless sea and lighter above areas under ice. Sailing to this island is recommended to book a yacht for 1 - 2 days. or by phone ☏ 58 97 45 82


Sailing in Pärnu - the summer capital of Estonia

Sailing in Pärnu - active vacation

Welcome to the Estonian Riviera with lots of sun, party and sailing! Pärnu is known as Estonia’s Summer Capital with a rich historical background, festivals, long sandy beaches and numerous cafés, bars and restaurants.

Beautiful landscapes and a lively atmosphere with concerts, funfairs, and big party crowds has made Pärnu into a very popular holiday destination. or by phone ☏ 58 97 45 82


How to book yacht?



Since we have a big range of sailing boats and motor boats - we can host up to 135 people at the same time.


You can easily book the most popular yachts online, but also book a boat by e-mail, phone or Facebook. Join us!


Nothing brings you together like a joint sailing adventure with experienced crew. Bring your loved ones and enjoy! or by phone 58 97 45 82


Yacht rental is perfect for ⇨


Bachelorette party

Your bachelorette party on an elegant yacht will be more than romantic, exciting and unique. It will be an event your family and friends will talk about for years.

Birthday party

A celebration on board a beautiful boat in Tallinn bay is an exotic and prestigious event that will warm your hearts for many years.

Corporate event

Experience total sailing relaxation as our friendly, discreet, and courteous crew will be dedicated to your needs and enjoyment. or by phone ☏ 58 97 45 82



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