Teoteater (Snail Theatre)

Leiad meid stendist - 10!

Teoteater, a non-profit private theatre established in 1991, is small only in size. It got its name from temporarily having no stage of its own and lugging its belongings and props around on its back, just like a snail. Since 2006, the theatre has been located in a former storage space turned into a black box -style theatre in the heart of Kalamaja. Today

Teoteater has become a reputable theatre that gives an average of 12 performances each month. Its repertoire includes both Estonian and foreign drama, music and children's plays. Guest performances have been given in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In addition to performing, Teoteater has been the organiser of the International Street Theatre Festival in Tallinn's Old Town for the last six years.




Teoteater (Snail Theatre)


+372 56607047

Vana-Kalamaja 9a, Tallinn

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