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We have fast and safe servers, the best-performing content management systems, experienced customer support and smooth organisation of work.

We offer packages of various sizes for hosting solutions, a domain registration service, private servers, shared hosting cloud server services and security solutions.

Our web-hosting services include content management software you can install in just a few clicks, 99.9% server accessibility, a service offering money back in 30 days, free SiteBuilder, SSL certificate support, domain or website relocation and 24-hour client support.

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You can buy a domain from BeeHosting and register it under more favourable conditions than other registrars offer.

Domain – This is your unique address on the Internet. It guarantees that your customers will find your website.

BeeHosting sells and registers international (.com, .org, .eu, .net, etc.), Baltic (.ee, .lv and .lt), Russian (.ru and .su) and Cyrillic domains (the best offer for Cyrillic domains in Estonia). And you can also order website hosting from us!

Shared Hosting

BeeHosting offers high-quality, useful hosting for both simple and complex sites. Innovative solutions, our experience in the field of IT services and our professionalism allow us to offer all of our customers effective, modern and reliable solutions.

Your information will be safely stored on our powerful servers, which are equipped with programmes that ensure your site's correct, problem-free operation. BeeHosting offers three service packages which differ in terms of technical characteristics, additional functions and price.


Online business is an inseparable part of a successful business strategy. BeeHosting offers a full range of services so that you can immediately start with your online business – a selection of effective and convenient tools is at your disposal.

Buy and register a unique domain of your own and create an effectively functioning website, which can always be updated. Optimise search engines taking the website's work into consideration and advertise it! BeeHosting offers all of these services. It has never been easier to do business online!


The modern business world and modern business people can hardly imagine their day without e-mail.

Check your mail from any computer, get rid of spam and use an unlimited number of e-mail accounts with your unique domain name – BeeHosting makes all of this possible. There are plenty of useful sides to this: your account will be safe and your partners and friends will remember it more easily, because it is connected to your site and most probably has the name as your company.


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