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As the largest insurance broker in Estonia, IIZI Kindlustusmaakler provides the home insurance offers of a range of insurance companies. When entering into a home insurance contract, we suggest you consider purchasing all-risk insurance, which has the most extensive cover, in order to guarantee the best protection in the case of an accident.

You can insure your house (residence), apartment, terraced house, cottage, outbuildings (garage, sauna or tool shed) and a house under construction. You can also extend home insurance to contents (smart devices, furniture, home appliances, art and jewellery), civil liability insurance and the rental costs of a temporary dwelling. Contents can also be covered separately, not necessarily as part of home insurance.

The fast and simple Internet-based self-service environment saves you valuable time and will help you find the perfect home insurance.

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How should I choose home insurance?

What kind of home insurance should I choose?​

When entering into a home insurance contract, you can choose between three insurance packages:

All-risk - covers damage caused by a sudden and unforeseen event, which means that everything is covered besides the aspects previously excluded by the insurance company.

Main risks – covers damage caused by a fire, natural disaster, storm, pipeline leakage, vandalism or robbery.

Minimum risk – covers damage caused by a fire or natural disaster (storm)..



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