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Ground Cats | Support Services and Transportation

Ground Cats provides assistance with a variety of support services – for instance, we can help you with demolitions, snow-clearing and heavy object transport. Our professional consultant will help you find the best solution and answer all of your questions about the technology we use during the work. In order to ensure the best quality, we are happy to visit the site for consulting purposes.

We also offer landscaping and surfacing services. Click here to find out more!







Do you have something you no longer need? Our professional team offers a fast, effective and safe demolition service. Based on our years of experience, we carefully plan demolitions and choose the most appropriate methods.

Snow Removal

Due to the snowy Estonian winters, you may find your door blocked by snow or be unable to use your driveway because of the pile of snow blocking your path. Uncleared snow can cause trouble for property owners, because local government regulations state that footpaths bordering a property must be cleared of snow. Ground Cats will remove snow from your street or driveway, doing so quickly and thoroughly.


Should you wish to transport large items weighing several tonnes, such as a car or heavy construction equipment, we can lend more than just a hand! Our services are fast and professional and our prices are reasonable, both in and outside of Tallinn.


+372 5679 2792

Mahtra 6, Tallinn, 13811


Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

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