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Estonian Association of Civil Engineers

The Estonian Association of Civil Engineers is a volunteer association for building civil engineering, created on February 9, 1991. The objectives of the EEL are to advance the construction sector, to integrate civil engineers, to protect the common interests of the members, and to increase professional skills. The EEL currently has 527 members, with members from EKVÜ, EVKIS and EGÜ, with a membership of more than a thousand.

In order to achieve its goals, EEL organizes in-service training, interacts with relevant authorities, participates in the development of standard documents and guidance materials, and disseminates information to its members. This spring will be organized by the EEL ECCE General Assembly and the International Conference Civil Engineering and Cultural Heritage (

All students in the field of construction have the opportunity to become a young member of the EEL.
Youth members are exempt from membership!






Ehitusinseneride Liit


+372 660 4524

A.H.Tammsaare tee 47, Tallinn


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